Napkin Sewing Patterns

It's so easy to sew a napkin with the following free napkin sewing patterns. Your cloth napkins will be perfect because you picked out the fabric to match your dining room.

Enjoy making napkins for a table setting at Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter or just for a fun outdoor picnic. You are sure to find a napkin pattern for your special table setting below.

Napkin Sewing Patterns

Christmas Napkin Patterns

Napkin Patterns

Rick Rack Napkins
Handmade Napkins
Fancy Napkin Pattern
Cocktail and Dinner Napkins
Pattern for Cloth Napkins
Stitch a Dinner Napkin
Make a Napkin
Cloth Napkin Pattern
Step by Step Napkins
Cloth Napkins
Sew a Simple Napkin
16 Inch Napkins