Patterns for Cat and Dog Toys

Creating toys for your fur friends is a fast and fun project that you and the whole family can enjoy. Whether you own a sewing machine or not, you can create lots of pet-friendly toys that cost almost nothing and will impress your pet just as much as any high priced pet store toy.

We've collected dozens of simple toys for cats and dogs. From flying feathers to chewy critters and strong pull toys, you'll find a perfect toy to tempt your tabby or terrier. There's even a few cat houses, scratching posts and pet blankets so your furry friend will be comfy and content.

You'll be able to make a dent in your scrap bag, find a good use of worn out t-shirts and create a new use for those holey socks. Just a little snipping, stuffing or sewing and your little friends have new toys they'll love!