Patterns for Dog Beds - Pet Bed Patterns

Is your pooch a sofa hog? Do you get a mere quarter of your bed at night? Give your pampered pup a warm and cuddly bed all his own, so you can reclaim the bed, chair or couch that's rightfully yours. We've got pillows, cushions, soft-side beds and even elevated dog beds to keep your dog off a drafty floor.

Whether you sew or not, there are pet beds for almost any size dog or cat. Some patterns don't require any sewing, while others require some basic stitching and zipper installation. Recycle old clothes and used cushions to make these inexpensive or free, and keep your dog warm and comfortable all year long. Create these beds with fabrics that blend with your decor or give Fido a great, eye catching bed that's sure to draw attention to your best friend.