How to Make a Fleece Pillow

How to Make a Fleece Pillow:

Fleece fabric is popular for its soft and cuddly feel and
fleece comes in all sorts of colors and prints. You can
easily create a pillow out of fleece to match any room in
the house, from the living room, child's room, to the
master bedroom.

And by adding an embellishment, it's easy to
make a pillow for any holiday. For example, make a
Christmas tree out of green felt or an Easter egg out of
pastel colors and apply it to the front of your fleece
pillow. Pillows make a great gift and certainly add a
personal touch.

To make a fleece pillow, you will need to have on hand a
sharp pair of scissors or a rotary cutter, tape measure,
two 3/4 yards of coordinating fleece fabric and a 14 inch
square pillow foam or polyester filling. If desired you
will need your embellishments on hand also.

Take time to read through the instructions before starting
on your pillow.

Cut off all the rough salvaged edges from your fleece
fabric and discard (no more than 2 inches). Now cut out
two pieces of fleece in the size you want the pillow to be
(keep in mind that you will be cutting fringe all around
the pillow). When using a pillow form, cut the fabric 9
inches longer than the pillow form. Attach any desired
embellishments to the front panel of your pillow.

Lay your cut out fleece together with the wrong sides
touching and be sure the edges match up. Keep in mind that
some fleece fabrics do not have a wrong side, meaning both
sides look the same. You can now pin the sides together or
possibly not pin at all as fleece has little slippage if

Now cut out a square from each corner that is equal to the
fringe you are cutting. For example, cut a 4 x 4 inch
square if your fringe will be 4 inches long. Starting in
the middle of one side, cut fringe strips around all edges
that are about 1 1/2 inches wide. Note that strips less than
1 1/2 inches have a tendency to break off.

On three sides of the pillow panels, start tying the fringe
strips together, front panel to back panel, leaving one
side open. Use double knots and be sure they are as close
as you can get them to the base of the fringe. Check out
this site to see a picture of the pillow:

Stuff your pillow with the filling and make sure the
corners are filled and straight. Now you can finish tying
the last side closed.

Now that you have made a no sew fleece pillow, you will
have no trouble making more of them for family and friends.